About these resources

The material in this section includes writings by Dr Kalim Siddiqui; writings about Dr Kalim Siddiqui; videos; documents relating to the work of the Muslim Institute, the Muslim Parliament and other institutions; and relevant articles from sources such as Crescent International and Muslimedia.

Much of the material is from Crescent, including Editorials, articles and others. Many of these would have been written by Dr Kalim Siddiqui without his by-line. Others may have been written by other writers, with or without by-lines. Editorials never have by-lines, but many Crescent editorials were written by Dr Kalim Siddiqui until the late-1980s, at least.

Therefore caution should be used in attributing the materials to Dr Kalim Siddiqui. Clarification about the source and authorship has been given with the resources wherever possible.