Resolutions of the seminar on the Islamic Revolution (1984)

Published in Crescent International, September 16-31, 1984. Reprinted in Issues in the Islamic movement, vol. 5, 1984-85 (1404-05), pp. 34-36.

Resolutions of the Muslim Institute world seminar on the Islamic Revolution in Iran

A world seminar of ulama, scholars, teachers, writers, students and active members of the Islamic movement, representing all schools of thought in Islam, met in London from August 8-11, 1984, at the invitation of the Muslim Institute. This was the first seminar to be held to formulate the response of the Ummah to the Islamic Revolution in Iran. During its four days the seminar heard numerous papers presented by participants from all parts of the world. After careful consideration and discussion, the seminar reached the following conclusions:

1.   The Revolution in Iran is Islamic because it is rooted in and inspired by the Qur’an and Sunnah. The Muslim people of Iran have engaged in jihad and willing accepted shahadah in the way of Allah. This has enabled them to emerge victorious for Islam against all forms of kufr. This seminar supports the people of Iran in their continuous struggle to consolidate the Revolution and the Islamic State, and in their jihad against the global power of kufr.

2.   The Islamic Revolution in Iran, by establishing an Islamic State, has again demonstrated conclusively that Islam is a complete guide for the ordering of collective affairs of the Ummah.

3.   The Islamic Revolution in Iran has demonstrated that the message of Islam can be applied in its totality to rebuild a society in all its essential dimensions political, social, economic, cultural, as well as the private and public lives of the people.

4.   The Islamic Revolution in Iran has demonstrated conclusively that the Muslim masses of the world can overthrow the dominance of a superpower without the help of the other superpower, and that the idea of ‘Neither East, nor West’ is the greatest liberating force.

5.   The Islamic Revolution in Iran has given new confidence to the oppressed Muslim masses; it has set a new standard for the Islamic movement everywhere; it has shown that the method of the Revolution is the only way to defeat the internal and external enemies of Islam.

6.   The Islamic Revolution in Iran has once again concentrated the attention of the Ummah on the importance of leadership. Such leadership should be from among the ulama who are courageous, just and prepared to make sacrifices. At the present time this leadership is best represented by Imam Khomeini, who is also most naturally suited to lead the Islamic Revolution in the world.

7.   The Islamic Revolution in Iran has once again demonstrated that jihad and shahadah are the primary methods of Islam for confronting the power of kufr; once the Ummah or any part of it engages in jihad and Muslims do not fear shahadah, they can overcome the technological and numerical superiority of kufr.

8.   The Islamic Revolution in Iran has transformed Iranian society from its western-induced state of corruption to taqwa; this is most visibly manifest in the lives of the Muslim youth and the Muslim women in Iran.

9.   In the opinion of this seminar the war imposed upon the Islamic State of Iran is a war waged by kufr against Islam. In this war Saddam Husain’s Ba’athist regime is supported by both superpowers, their Arab client regimes, and other centres of kufr and nifaq in the world.

10.   This seminar is of the opinion that the Islamic Revolution in Iran is right to seek the transformation of Hajj from a mere ritual to its proper role in the affairs of the Ummah as the living and dynamic heart of the Islamic movement.

11.   This seminar, believing that the Muslims of the world are a single Ummah, also believes that all Muslim societies must return to the Qur’an and Sunnah to solve their political, economic, social and cultural problems. The global unity of the Ummah is also necessary to defeat the global power of kufr.

12.   This seminar appreciates the support given by the Islamic Revolution in Iran to liberation movements of the Muslims all over the world, particularly the movements for the liberation of Al- Quds, Lebanon and Afghanistan.

13.   This seminar calls upon the ulama, scholars, writers, journalists and other intellectuals of the Ummah to undertake systematic study and research to deepen and widen the understanding of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, its methods, achievements and goals.

Crescent International, August 16-31, 1984