Dr Kalim Siddiqui: an early speech on the Seerah (1958)

The Seerah of the Prophet (saw), and particularly its socio-political dimensions, was an enduring interest of Dr Kalim Siddiqui’s. It crops up throughout his life, and one of his last works was Political Dimensions of the Seerah (written in 1995-96, published by the ICIT after his death), which was a detailed proposal for research into the subject.

It is also the topic of what is probably his earliest surviving work. This is the text of a speech he gave as President of the Honourable Society of Muslim Youth at the Islamic Cultural Centre, London, at an event to mark Eid Milad an-Nabi, on 25 October, 1958.

Two versions of the speech are available as PDFs: his original typescript, and, as this is not very clear, a retyped version.